FROGE and OpenAI?

FROGE stands as a beacon of unity and resilience for the workforce at OpenAI. When confronted with seemingly insurmountable challenges and the looming threat of the company's demise, one figure emerged as the savior – FROGE. This unassuming frog swiftly transformed into the symbol of hope, preserving one of the globe's most groundbreaking enterprises and swiftly becoming a rallying point for solidarity within the workforce. As FROGE ascends to claim the mantle of the "Unofficial" Official Mascot of OpenAI, we are certain that this marks only the inception of its evolution.


FROGE in DeFi?

$FROGE, emerging as the emblem of unity within OpenAI, is poised to redefine strength within the realm of DeFi. Melding the essence of $DOGE and $PEPE, $FROGE embodies the very essence of memes and liberation in the crypto sphere, showcasing the power of community. Operated, propelled, and crafted by the collective, $FROGE unites global users in a quest to transform the very notion of a meme.


Join FROGE today!

In the world of DeFi, FROGE stands as a beacon of belief in you! At FROGE, there are no prerequisites or obligations – our community embraces all who resonate with our vision for the future of decentralized finance. Whether you champion the potential of AI, hold onto $DOGE, or back $PEPE, all are embraced within the $FROGE community. Our shared belief revolves around a unified DeFi, fostering a future where collective advancement elevates us all to greater heights.


Community Developments and Future Goals:

  • Following and supporting OpenAI across FROGE social media
  • Establish a strong Community with likeminded individuals
  • Community-lead Socials and Channels
  • Reach $1 Billion Market Cap showing the Support of FROGE
  • Further Goals to be added as the Community collaborates!

The "Unofficial" Official Mascot of OpenAI

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